(photo credit, Yuka Photo Art)

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to be a part of the Perry’s Taste Tester for a Day Experience!  (I know, how jealous are you right now!)  As you know I am a Buffalo transplant so Perry’s Ice Cream was an unknown until moving to WNY 7 years ago.

A couple of great women (Elena and Marissa) over at Perry’s were kind enough to walk us through some brief facts/history about Perry’s before taking the group of us up to the floor to view what was going on in the factory.

And wow!  The Perry’s Ice Cream Factory (Akron, NY) floor was hopping!  I had a birds eye view of the entire factory floor and a close up look at a part of the floor that was making ice cream sandwiches.  Very cool!

After several minutes of observing the inner workings of the Perry’s factory our group was excited to meet Brian Perry (the great grandson of H. Morton Perry founder).  Brian is the Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman at Perry’s but more importantly he is a down to earth kind of guy who loves his family’s company, loves the WNY community and strives to improve both!  (Brian’s sister and brother-in-law are also part of the Perry’s executive team!)

I could go on about all the great things Perry’s has done and is doing but instead how about just 3 fun facts I learned?

1.  Perry’s has been “thinking sustainability since 1918!”  I was impressed with how they reuse, reduce and recycle just about every single “thing” they need or use within their plant.

2.  Perry’s makes Wegman’s brand ice cream!

3.  It was fun to find out that Brian Perry’s favorite Perry’s Ice Cream is Mint-Ting-A-Ling.  (also, my 7 year old’s favorite!)

And, in case you missed it, Perry’s released their Summer Ice Cream Stand Flavors today!  (These were the flavors we Taste Testers got to taste and test a few weeks ago!)  Look for these flavors at an ice cream stand near you!

They are:

Queen Of Hearts – “Dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls and fudge filled hearts.”  (at your local ice cream stand only)

Sponge Candy – “Caramel sugar flavored ice cream with caramelized sugar swirls and sponge candy pieces.”  (at your local ice cream stand only)

Movie Time – “Popcorn flavored ice cream with sea salt caramel swirls and caramel truffles.”  (at your local ice cream stand only)

Oh My, Cherry Pie!- “Vanilla ice cream with cherry and graham cracker swirls.”  (available in stores)

Lactose Free Vanilla – “Vanilla ice cream that is 99 percent lactose free.”  (available in stores)

ETA/UPDATED POST:  Ok, guys, I finally had a chance to give these flavors a taste test!

Queen of Hearts:  Initially, didn’t think I would enjoy it because I am not a fan of dark chocolate.  However, this is a perfect ice cream for any chocolate lover.  It is quite rich (even for me!) so a small scoop is just about all I can handle!

Sponge Candy:  Love IT!!  Truly, you will think you are eating sponge candy.  I demolished this flavor!

Movie Time:  If you can get past the butter/popcorn smell when you open the carton, this is a delicious ice cream.  I love the sea salt caramel swirls and the caramel truffles.  (I love all things caramel!)

Oh My, Cherry Pie!:  Well, definitely my least favorite.  The cherry swirls just didn’t do anything for me.  (And I thought this flavor would be my favorite!)

Lactose Free Vanilla:  IMPRESSIVE!!  You will not be able to taste the difference between the lactose free vanilla and the regular vanilla. (well, maybe you will but I didn’t!)  I was really impressed that Perry’s was able to pull this off without a noticeable taste difference.  And, I’m excited because my 4 year old is lactose intolerant so this will be a great alternative for her!

Black Cherry:  A delicious Perry’s ice cream…nothing spectacular or different about it just down right good!